jan 01 2000

Welcome to Kennel Vitovani

Breeding of Kooikerhondje

an active, intelligent and lovely family dog


About us

Our interest in dogs started when we had our first one – Sille, a whippet, in 1999. At this point our youngest child Anna was two years old, and it seemed like a perfect time to get af family dog. Sille has attended both the agility as well as the obedience training. When Sille was about two years old, we decided to have another dog. We choose a flat coated retriever, Bonnie, because Torben prefered a dog usable for work. Having a “flat” in the house you never get bored, we sometimes wonder if she´ll ever mature! When Bonnie was two years old, we had Nanza-Bella “Bella”, a gorgous kooikerhondje, and thought of as an extra member of the family. She swept everybody off their feet, including the furry part og the family. I had gotten the best possible dog I could wish for. She suitee my temper perfectly. It did´nt take us long to discover her great qualities, and so we thougt of breeding on Bella one day.

In october 2004, We attended the DKK (Danish Kennel Klub) breeding training to ensure the best breed possebilities. This course we strongly recommend all future breeders in Denmark.

We see our kooikerhondje as both an incredibly keen hard working-dog, and also a loving and sociable family dog. There joy of learning new things is amazing, and we have discovered that the breed is suitable for obediance, agility, tracking, retrieving and circus tricks. Last but not least, it´s very familiar with water and nature. The kooikerhondje is watchful and loving with children in all ages. However, it somtimes occurs that the kooikerhondje can be a bit reserved towards adults, but when approved, the joy and devotion is endless. So all the same, the key word for having a well functioning kooikerhondje, is socialization. Raising is easy, yet, it´s of great importance to handle with consistency and firmness.

We can only say that our Kooikerhondje has swept us off our feet, and we enjoy to own and breed the lovely Kooikerhondje.